The glow package, €320

The ultimate package to help with your healing and recovery after birth. Package includes Placenta Encapsulation, Placenta Tincture, Placenta Oil and a beautiful framed and personalised cord keepsake. Booking these together as a package saves you €30!

Placenta Encapsulation

Non steamed or Simple Method: This method gives you the highest concentration of vitamins and minerals as it is dehydrated raw without steaming. It is then ground down into a fine powder and placed into easy to swallow capsules.  This method will provide a higher amount of capsules and is the most popular choice among clients. €230
Steamed: Placenta is first steamed before dehydrating and ground down into a powder. It is then added to capsules. This method reduces the size of the placenta resulting in a smaller amount of capsules compared to non steaming. €230
PG Tincture image

Placenta Tincture 

Small piece of your placenta made into a potent remedy with minimum 40% alcohol for 6 weeks. This is useful to help steady the Mother during times of emotional struggle. It may also help with PMS and Menopause as well as offering an immune boost. Price includes a 100ml large bottle and a 25ml dropper bottle. Larger sizes also available. €60

Placenta Oil

Placenta powder is added to a carrier oil (apricot oil) and infused over a gentle heat. This oil has many benefits and can be added to personal creams at home or applied directly to the skin. The oil is rich in hormones and so may be effective in treating some skin problems. Oestrogen for collagen production and progesterone which helps prevent collagen from breaking down thus reducing wrinkles. €40

Placenta Smoothie*

Small piece of raw placenta is mixed with fruit and juice into a smoothie. This is most beneficial when taken as quickly as possible after birth as it is rich in hormones and stem cells which can help to kick start the healing process. I can also provide a smoothie pack where the placenta is frozen with fruit for you to make into a smoothie at home. €60
*Please note, this service can only be provided to clients located in Waterford 
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Homeopathic Remedies

Healing remedies available for both Mother and baby made by a registered Homeopath here in Ireland. €40

Framed Cord Keepsake

Framed and personalised umbilical cord keepsake with a range of colour backings. €20
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