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Q: How do I keep my placenta after birth?

A: Ensure that the midwives and birth team are aware beforehand. Inform them at clinic appointments and have your birth partner remind them when you arrive in labour. If you have created a birth plan then you can also include your wishes here.

Q: How will I get my placenta to you for encapsulating?

A: We will come to you at home or in hospital to collect it. Send us a text when you are in labour and again when baby has arrived. We usually communicate with your birth partner after delivery to arrange the best time to collect it. 

Q: Can I still encapsulate my placenta if I have a caesarean, medicated or induced birth? 

A: Yes! Once it has not been sent to pathology for further testing. If you are or have been on any other medication during your pregnancy, I do recommend that you consult your Doctor before deciding on placenta encapsulation.

Q: What if there is meconium present when I give birth. Will this be an issue?

A: This just means that baby has done a poo before delivery. It is still safe to encapsulate but using the steamed method. 

Q: How do I store my placenta after birth?

A: You should have the midwife store your placenta in a leak proof container or bag and keep it chilled either on ice or in a fridge. I will provide you with a cooler bag and all the essentials you need prior to delivery so no need to worry! 

Q: If my baby is born prematurely, can I still encapsulate?

A: Yes, Mothers of premature babies need all the help they can get bringing in their milk, healing quickly, and balancing post-natal mood. As long as your placenta is examined and cleared for any type of abnormality after birth we are happy to encapsulate it.

Q: I am group B strep positive in my pregnancy. Is this a concern for placenta encapsulation?

A: No it is safe to proceed as the placenta will be steamed first then dehydrated.

Q: I would like to have delayed cord clamping, does this have any affect for encapsulation?

A: No. Delayed cord clamping is wonderful and highly recommended to give your baby all those stem cells and nutrients. Just make sure that the placenta is chilled within 30 mins. 

Q: How long does it take to make the placenta capsules?

A: It takes approx 2-3 days to have them completed. I will either hand deliver them or send via an post with tracking.

Q: How many capsules will I get?

A: It depends on the size of the placenta and the method of preparation (steamed placentas always produce less). Anything between 90-250 would be considered normal.

Q: I hope to have a water birth. Is it still safe to encapsulate?

A: Yes but only if the placenta has been birthed onto a clean surface such as an inco pad or towel. If it is delivered in the birthing pool then we cannot encapsulate. 

Q: Are there any circumstances in which I cannot encapsulate my placenta?

A: Yes,

  • If your full placenta needs to be sent to pathology for further tests we cannot encapsulate as it is not possible to guarantee that it has not been contaminated.
  • If you have an infection present at birth it is not possible to encapsulate. However, you can have a swab done in the hospital and freeze the placenta pending results. If all comes back OK and the placenta was frozen at correct temperate, we can proceed.
  • If you have smoked regularly during your pregnancy we cannot encapsulate.
  • If the placenta has not been stored correctly, we cannot encapsulate
  • If you have HIV, aids, Hepatitis B or C encapsulation is not possible.

Q: How often should I take them?

A: Most women consume one or two capsules three times a day during the first couple of weeks post-partum or until they feel their hormones have returned to normal. You can take one or two capsules whenever you feel you may need a little more energy or to boost your milk supply when breastfeeding. Placenta capsules can be taken as needed and there is no single correct dose. You can adjust the dosage as you need to.

Q: How do I store my placenta capsules?

A: It is very important that you ensure the pouch is sealed tight and to store it in a cool dark and dry place. Do not store them in the fridge. Do not use after the use by date listed on the back of the pouch. Wash hands before and after touching the capsules.